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About our behaviour policy

Welcome to Tycoons Allstars - Where Positive Behavior Shines!

At Tycoons Allstars, we believe that fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment is just as essential as honing the dance skills of our talented students. Our behavior protocol is designed to promote respect, discipline, and a strong sense of community among all dancers, instructors, and staff members.

Cultivating a Culture of Respect: We prioritize respect as the foundation of our dance school. Respect for oneself, respect for fellow dancers, respect for instructors, and respect for the environment in which we dance. We encourage open communication and empathy, ensuring everyone feels valued and heard.


Encouraging Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship isn't limited to sports fields; it's an integral part of our dance community. We celebrate both victories and learning experiences, encouraging dancers to support and uplift each other, fostering camaraderie and positive connections that go beyond the studio.

Embracing Green Initiatives: As "green" athletes, we take pride in our commitment to the environment. We actively promote sustainable practices and eco-conscious behaviors, aiming to leave a positive impact on the world around us.

Acknowledging Good Behavior: We celebrate the exceptional behavior of our dancers. From showing kindness to peers to displaying dedication and discipline in class, every act of positive behavior is recognized and appreciated.

Inclusive and Supportive Environment: Our dance school welcomes diversity and inclusivity with open arms. We strive to create a space where all dancers feel safe, supported, and confident to express themselves freely.

Addressing Behavior Challenges: In the rare instances where behavior challenges arise, our protocol ensures that issues are addressed promptly and fairly. We believe in the power of constructive feedback, fostering growth and personal development.

Parental Involvement: We understand the critical role parents play in their child's dance journey. We encourage open communication and invite parents to be actively involved in their child's progress and behavior development.

Continuous Improvement: Our behavior protocol is an ever-evolving process. We continuously review and enhance our strategies to ensure a positive and nurturing dance environment for all.

Tycoons Allstars is not just a dance school; it's a community where great athletes thrive, embracing positive behavior and celebrating each milestone along the way. We invite you to be a part of our growing family and embark on a journey where passion for dance meets the power of positive behavior!


  • Respectful towards the environment: A "green" athlete understands the importance of preserving nature and takes steps to reduce their carbon footprint. They advocate for eco-friendly practices within their sports community and encourage others to do the same.

  • Good sportsmanship: A "green" athlete shows respect and kindness towards teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials. They understand that sports are about more than winning and losing; it's about building positive relationships with others


Rewards: Star of the week, stickers, positive message to parents/guardians  


  • Tardiness: Arriving late to classes or rehearsals without a valid reason.

  • Talking out of turn: Interfering with the instructor or disrupting the learning environment.

  • Minor disrespect: Using a slightly disrespectful tone or language with instructors or peers.

  • Forgetting dancewear or equipment occasionally.

  • Minor distractions: Engaging in non-disruptive behaviors. 

Message to parents to make them aware of behaviour. 


  • Frequent tardiness or absences without valid reasons.

  • Continued disruption of classes or rehearsals despite warnings.

  • Persistent disrespect or defiance towards instructors or peers.

  • Bullying or exclusion of other students within the Tycoons Allstars dance community.

  • Repeatedly forgetting dancewear or equipment, impacting participation.

Meeting with parents / miss a session 


  • Physical Aggression: A student engages in physical violence, such as hitting, pushing, or physically intimidating another student or teacher during rehearsals or dance classes. This behavior poses a significant risk to the safety and well-being of others and requires immediate intervention from the behavior overseers or school management.

  • Social Media Bullying: Students using social media platforms to engage in cyberbullying, spreading rumors, making hurtful comments, or sharing offensive content about their fellow dancers, teachers, or staff members. This behavior can have severe emotional and psychological effects on the targeted individuals and must be addressed promptly.

  • Group Chat Bullying: Similar to social media bullying, students engaging in bullying behaviors within group chats or private messaging apps can create a hostile environment and lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety among victims.

  • Substance Abuse: Any form of drug or alcohol use within or around the dance school premises is a significant concern, as it not only jeopardizes the safety and well-being of those involved but also undermines the positive and healthy atmosphere the school aims to provide.

  • Disregard for Safety Rules: Ignoring safety protocols during dance practices or performances, such as using improper equipment or not following instructor guidelines, can lead to accidents and injuries, making it a serious issue that must be addressed.


Meeting with parent/ Strike 

Regarding the responsibility of parents, it is essential to emphasize that they play a crucial role in monitoring their children's behavior, especially on social media and group chats. Parents should be proactive in educating their children about responsible digital citizenship and should be vigilant in identifying and addressing any concerning behavior their children might exhibit online.

While the Tycoons Allstars are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment, issues arising from social media, group chats, and parent responsibilities necessitate collective efforts from the entire dance school community to ensure the well-being and welfare of all involved. By working together, we can create a nurturing space where everyone can thrive and pursue their passion for dance.

Our Team.

For any behavior issues, these are the go-to individuals: Tara, Jane, and Megan. Their experience and expertise extend beyond coaching, making them the ideal mentors to address and resolve any concerns.

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